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Walther .22LR Uzi Copy – New Gun Review

Carl Walther IWI You have to be careful with what you believe on the internet. That goes for gun reviews as much as anything else. I was shocked last week when a gun dealer friend of mine said that he had been unable to sell a really nice looking copy of the Uzi submachinegun in .22LR, made by Walther in Germany. He said that he read on the internet that it extremely... Continue reading

100 Round AR-15 C-Mag Copy from KCI Korea – Gear Review


It was a huge surprise when, on March 1st, right at the top of the high cap mag crisis, I got an email from the Sportsman’s Guide for “100 Round AR-15 Magazines.” Excuse me? What do you live in a cave? Who isn’t sold out on any and all AR-15 mags for six months at this point? But sure enough, the sale was real, and while people were still buying 30 round P-Mags on the auction sites for... Continue reading