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3 Gun Competition Shooting Ammunition

Are you a three gunner? If yes, Fiocchi ammunition should be in your cart alongside your rife, pistol, magazines, and shotshell carriers.

Known for reliability and accuracy beyond its price, Fiocchi ammunition delivers the performance competition shooters need to maximize their efforts and minimize time on the clock. Used for practice and competition, Fiocchi offers many loads appropriate for 3 Gunners who need lots of ammo to prepare and compete. For shotgun courses, look into our Shooting Dynamics shotshells (1 and 1 1/8 ounce loads at several different velocities) for the ultimate in clean, consistent shells for high volume practice. Loads developed for semi-auto shotguns using the right amount of performance to reliably operate auto-loading shotguns with as little recoil as possible to reduce shot-to-shot times and recoil recovery.

Fiocchi also offers low recoil loads for pump shotguns if that is your game. Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics loads offer the right mix of economy and performance for your shooting dollar and time. For our very best of shotgun shells, choose our Exacta Target loads (also in 1 and 1 1/8 ounce loads) that use the best shot and wads with top-shelf clean-burning consistent powders to keep your semi auto shotgun running as fast as it can with increased reliability when compared to lesser loads on the market. Race guns Fiocchi 3 Gun Competition Are you a three gunner? If yes, Fiocchi ammunition should be in your cart alongside your rifle, pistol, magazines, and shotshell carriers. work best on the best ammo-Fiocchi Exacta. Many of our shotshell loads are used by professional shooters because they know performance counts and Fiocchi delivers. We also offer the slugs (1 ounce high velocity and low recoil and 7/8 ounce fat-shooting reduced recoil) and buckshot (high velocity and low recoil) often required at some “Outlaw” matches. For steel, reactive, and clay targets, Fiocchi offers what you need to knock them down for score.

Pistol shooters know Fiocchi delivers when the hits count. Reliable, accurate, clean, consistent, and economical these words describe Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics loads in all calibers but especially so for 3 Gunners. You need your magazines (metal or polymer) filled to capacity with ammo you can depend on. Fiocchi 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP loads answer the call when competitive shooters need the best they can get with plenty of value built in. Loads meeting Minor Power factor for 9mm (115, 124, and 147 grain) and Major power factor loads for 40 S&W (165, 170, and 180) and 45ACP (230 grain) full metal jackets and new for 2015 Complete Metal- Jacketed bullets with a quality copper plating make for accurate loads in all pistol barrel types including those with polygonal rifling.

When the rifle comes into the course of fre, you need ammo you don’t have to worry about functioning and hitting the target. Again Fiocchi delivers with our Shooting Dynamics high volume/high-value rifle loads. Many shooters report excellent accuracy from our most economical 223 55 FMJBTs (223A). We also offer high quality 62 grain FMJBTs for those shooters and rifles that like a heavier economical load with no steel in the core or jacket. Compared to other 62 grain loads on the market, we are confident you will find ours (223C) much more accurate due to its one piece lead core and quality copper jacket (no penetrator tips here). Our 150 grain 308 FMJBT loads also feature high quality bullets way above the mil-spec offerings from most other suppliers for those who shoot Heavy Metal class or just enjoy the satisfying impact of a 308 Win round on a distant steel target. To see hits are easy for the range officer to call, “HIT!”.

For long range applications, load your magazines with Fiocchi Exacta Match loads in 69 and 77 grain featuring Sierra HPBT Match bullets for 223 Rem. needs and 168, 175, and 180s for your 308 Win. applications. With ammo rifle ammo this good, you can focus your efforts on correct range and wind calls without worrying about the ammo performance. Fiocchi will deliver when the sight picture and trigger press are right.

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