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Fiocchi Centerfire Rifle Line

Fiocchi is proud to announce two new loads for subsonic shooters of 300 AAC Blackout. Our new item 300BLKMB uses the Sierra 220 Match HPBT and our new item 300BLKMC uses the 208 Amax.

Fiocchi Extrema Rife Hunting Ammo

Hunters put a lot of time, efort, and preparation into their hunts to ensure success. When it comes to the shot, let Fiocchi meet and exceed your expectations. We load our Extrema Rife Hunting loads with the bullets Tipped TSX. Tese high-end bullets are combined by our engineers and operators in our facility in Ozark, MO with the optimum cocktail of powders, quality brass cases and reliable primers to make the most accurate, consistent loads for the most important moment of your hunting trip: the shot. Help us welcome several new rife loads to our Extrema Hunting Line family. New loads include our item 223VGNT (223 Rem. loaded with Barnes’ lead free Varmint Grenade bullet), 22250HVB (22-250 Rem. loaded with a 40 grain Vmax bullet), 243TTSX (243 Win. loaded with Barnes’ 80 grain TTSX), 300BLKTX (300 AAC Blackout loaded with the Barnes 110 TAC-TX bullet), 300BLKHA (300 AAC Blackout loaded with a purpose- built for the caliber 125 SST), 25-06 Rem. loaded with a 117 grain SST, and a new 7mm-08 Rem. load also using an SST but at 139 grains. Make that shot count with the best bullets in the business from the best bullet makers in the industry, loaded by Fiocchi for you, the hunter.

Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Rife Ammo

Economically priced hunting ammo does not ofer substandard performance when it is loaded by Fiocchi. We combine Interlock and sof point bullets to deliver a more economically priced load hunters can depend on to bring home the game. Te right bullets in our rife hunting ammo combine with your preparation, skills, and equipment to you would use if you were loading them yourself, starting by picking the right bullet for the application. We ofer everything from fast-expanding varmint bullet loads to deep-penetrating controlled expansion bullet loads for larger game. We use bullets such as the Vmax, SST, Game King, and make for a successful hunt. For many years Fiocchi has delivered a little more bang for the buck and our Shooting Dynamics line of hunting ammo continues that long-standing tradition.

Our Full Metal Jacketed Boat Tail ammo provides shooters a cost-efective way to learn new skills and keep existing skills sharp. We use high quality bullets and precision formed cases with clean consistent powders and reliable primers to deliver quality training ammo that lets you focus on the fundamentals that increase your accuracy and decrease the time needed to deliver the shot on target. Practice the correct techniques as frequently as you can and get the most from your practice time and dollars.

All Fiocchi centerfre loads use copper jacketed bullets (no bimetal or steel), boxer-primed reloadable brass cases (no steel or aluminum), and non-corrosive primers (including our 762×39 ammo). You can focus on the front sight (or red dot, scope reticle, etc.) and trigger press while we provide the ammo that keeps you practicing at peak performance.

Fiocchi’s Shooting Dynamics line also includes rife loads with expanding bullets for hunters in many popular calibers like 30-30 Win., 308 Win, 30-06 Spr., 223 Rem, 22-250 Rem., 243 Win., 270 Win., and 300 Win. Mag. We welcome new loads for 2015 to include a sof point Interlock bullets in our 25-06 (117 grain) and 7mm-08 (139 grain)

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