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Classic Loads

Fiocchi Classic loads and specialty calibers allow shooters of classic Smith and Wessons, Mausers, Nagants, Webleys, Steyrs, and Lebels to continue to enjoy their guns with modern ammunition.

For five generations the Fiocchi Family has never ceased to produce these calibers since their inception on the market. True we discontinued some for the simple reason that no more functioning guns were still in existence on the scene; but, for the ones that are still cherished and utilized by their proud owners we are still producing what is needed.

In 2015 thanks to the efforts put through by Stefano Fiocchi President of Fiocchi Munizioni we have enhanced the production lines for the classic calibers guaranteeing therefore a much-improved availability.

.455 Webley. 7.62 Tokarev. 44 S&W Russia. 7.63 Mauser. 30 Luger (7.65 Parabellum). Tese are just some of the classic, European calibers that Fiocchi continues to produce for the owners and shooters of some of the world’s favorite handguns from the last 100+ years. Loaded with smokeless powders, modern non-corrosive primers, and reloadable boxer-primed brass cases, Fiocchi blends modern technology with links to the past of firearms development and continues our tradition of offering ammunition for many of the guns that made history through the years. Modern ammunition for antique and classic firearms from Fiocchi.


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