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Cowboy Action

Modern performance and quality for old and new guns alike, Fiocchi’s Cowboy ammo delivers low recoil and high accuracy for competition shooters.

Cowboy Action Shooters need clean, consistent, accurate ammunition with low recoil and high accuracy. Fiocchi delivers with our Cowboy Action line of handgun ammunition that is engineered to perform at the highest levels while reducing the wear and tear on the older guns. Our lead bullets are coated to reduce fouling in your barrel and shaped to ease loading of revolvers and ensure reliable feeding in lever action rifles and carbines. Fiocchi Cowboy loads are packaged in boxes that continue the tradition that is Cowboy Action shooting while offering shooters of this engaging sport a modern alternative to the ammunition of yesteryear. Loaded with smokeless powders, reliable primers, and reloadable brass cases, Fiocchi’s Cowboy Action line combines the traditions of the Old West with today’s improved technology and ammunition manufacturing advancements. Fiocchi’s Cowboy Action line is also great for shooters looking for low recoil loads for their favorite modern revolver or lever action firearm.

Cowboy Action Ammo
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