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Hunting Shotshells Line

The Fiocchi family has been bird hunting for more than five generations. We refrain from easy marketing gimmicks and we load what we believe is the hunting shotshell that is going to bring your limit home every time.

Fiocchi Steel Waterfowl Shotshells

With Fiocchi Steel shotshells, hunters will find a balance of performance, patterns, and value not common in other brands. Our ballisticians combine treated pellets, heavy duty wads, clean consistent powders, and reliable primers to give waterfowlers the right shells at the right price. We offer heavier and faster loads for different hunters and their preferences, and through endless accurate testings we have achieved the best cocktail between speed and pattern. If you want the right speed with the right payload,use Fiocchi in your blind and we’re confident you’ll find what other current Fiocchi shooters do: success. Pass shooting or over decoys,Fiocchi offers the steel shotshell loads for your successful style of hunting. Introducing in 2015the awesome “Steel Warlock”, packing the innovative1-1/5 oz. payload and utilizing a totally new wad that will ensure great patterns at a lethal velocity.

Fiocchi Golden Pheasant Shotshells

Chances are you already know about Fiocchi Golden Pheasant nickel-plated shotshells. Every year we make more and more. Our Golden Pheasant shells are offered in various lengths and gauges to fill the needs of hunters looking for anything from the heaviest and fastest 12 gauge loads to the easier-carrying 28 gauge shells and guns that go with them. Regardless of which length, speed, and payload you choose, Fiocchi Golden Pheasant shells are all loaded with the nickel-plated lead shot that has made them so successful on the prairie or in the highlands for bringing home the big, tough birds. Te nickel-plated shot in our Golden Pheasant loads ensure hard, round pellets (loaded in the right wads to protect the shot and optimize patterns) that fly straighter to the target and penetrate deeper when they get there. For all the trouble you go to when you set up your pheasant hunting trip, don’t skimp on the most important tool in the field: your ammo. Shoot Fiocchi Golden Pheasant shotshells and ensure all your efforts come together in a successful and memorable hunt for you, your friends and family, and most important, your dog.

Fiocchi Golden Turkey Shotshells

Continuing on the success of our pheasant loads, we use the same proven performer that is our nickel plated shot in our Golden Turkey loads. Tight, true patterns that our nickel plated loads always deliver on impact, Fiocchi Golden Turkey shells anchor the big gobblers-right here, right now. Our nickel plated pellets will outperform copper plated pellets. You take time to practice your calls, pattern your chokes, and perfect your cammo. We take the time to make sure the shells perform. Fiocchi Golden Turkey Shotshells take care of the rest.

Fiocchi Exacta Nickel Plated Buckshot Shells

We know the nickel plating on our buckshot loads deliver better performance because we have been producing them that way longer than any other ammo manufacturer. We don’t need messy, expensive buffers to deliver improved patterns. Te nickel plating on our buckshots does that for us (as well as improving penetration). Simple, economical, high performance-buckshot loads for when you need them most. Whether you use them for hunting ourself defense, rely on Fiocchi Buckshot for your high-caliber shotgun needs. We continue to offer our buckshot loads (00 and #4 buck high velocity and low recoil 00 loads) in ten round boxes that are priced in a very aggressive way. We also provide Fiocchi’s easy to carry and hard to damage field boxes and sealed cans for your storage and “go bag” needs.

Fiocchi Exacta Aero Slugs

Full bore lead slugs with a wad that stays attached in fight for better stability and on-target accuracy: the very definition of Fiocchi Aero Slugs. We offer three different 12 gauge slug loads: 1) a one ounce high velocity load for all shotguns including semi-autos, pumps,single shots, etc; 2) a one ounce low recoil load for all but semi-auto shotguns, 3) a 7/8 ounce load that works in some semi-autos. Try them in your gun before heading to the deer or pig woods or next shooting competition. Fiocchi slugs are useful for home defense, law enforcement, hunting, and competitive shooting. Many 3 Gun shooters like the fat trajectory and reduced recoil of our 7/8 ounce load.

Fiocchi High Velocity Shotshells

When you want a heavier, faster shell with the best quality/price ratio, you want Fiocchi’s line of high velocity shotshells. High quality round lead shot, heavy duty wads, clean powders, and reliable primers offer a combination of ingredients that will amaze you in the field without breaking your bank. For high quality high brass loads, look for the Fiocchi Optima Specific high velocity shot shell boxes on the shelf. Available in a wide variety of loads including .410 (2 ½and 3”), 28 gauge (2 ¾”), 20 gauge (2 ¾ and 3”),16 gauge (2 ¾”), and several 12 gauge loads (including two 2 ¾” loads, the new 1 1/5 and the proven and field tested legendary 1 ¼ ounce,and 3” heavy 1 ¾ ounce). A wide selection of high brass loads for heavy duty shooting in all gauges.

Classic Side by Side Loads

Fiocchi continues a tradition of offering some specialties that are different than the other ammo companies. Our 24 and 32 gauge (both 2 ½” length) loads offer modern ammunition for shooters of the classic European shotguns. Continue to enjoy them in field or on the range with Fiocchi Classic Side by Side loads.

Fiocchi Game and Target (Dove and Quail) Shotshells

We are bespoke for offering the best bang for the buck in this category of shotshells. Our line of general purpose shotshells continue to use components such as quality round chilled shot, one-piece shot cup cushioned wads, clean powders, and reliable primers. You get the best shell we can make at the best economy we can offer in our GT line of shotshells. No fliers, “confetti” wads, junk powders, or “seconds” primers here. Available in .410, 28, 20, 16, and 12 gauge.

Fiocchi Boar and Buck Slayer

Last year Fiocchi unleashed an engineered, steel sabot slug. It offers slug hunters an alternative to other sabots with our near full bore size and muzzle velocity of 1630 fps that combine to deliver 2577 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. Te lead-free slug is zinc plated to resist corrosion and encased in a plastic wad to protect your rifled barrel. Te projectile offers a design that is engineered to expand on contact for full energy dump. Steel segmented petals penetrate into the game to reach vitals and deliver quick, humane kills.

Accuracy is excellent with testing in open-sighted rifled barreled shotguns (do not use in non-rifled or rifled-choke barrels) yielding 2” groups at 75 yards from a field shooting position. Scoped shotgun shooters will find even better accuracy. Just the right slug for deer, pigs/boar, and other mid-sized game.

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