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Hunting Shotshell – Golden Turkey and Pheasant

Tundra Waterfowl and Upland Game Shotshells

You asked and we delivered again-you wanted the performance of lead but in a non-lead pellet. Fiocchi Tundra flies like lead, patterns like lead, chokes like lead, and hits like lead. Problem solved. With no damage to your gun from the pellets, Tundra delivers the performance you want with materials that the law allows when non-toxic shot is required. The result of the research was Fiocchi Tundra tungsten-composite shotshells. The right combination of tungsten, stainless steel, a binder, and graphite coating gives the hunter the performance he needs to drop the big birds, waterfowl and upland.

Choke our Tundra loads like lead and enjoy the quick, humane hunt. The pellets are round, not brittle, and deform on contact with the game to dump energy and bring them downperiod. Since Tundra behaves like lead, it can be shot in the older guns that won’t take steel but are proofed for smokeless powder. As always, check with your gun manufacturer to be sure. One call or e-mail to them should confirm Tundra will work in your gun. So bring out the classic shotguns and bring down some birds.

Fiocchi Hunting Shot Shell Product Line Fiocchi ShotShell Product Line ShotShell Product Line Fiocchi Shotgun Ammo Fiocchi Hunting ShotShell Ammunition

Hunting Shotshell Ammo
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Hunting Shotshell Product Line

Fiocchi Steel Waterfowl Line

It is not uncommon for hunters to contact our factory to sing the praises of our steel shot-good patterns, good kills, good range-just what we were looking for. Treated steel pellets, the correct wad, and powders that perform in the cold conditions often encountered in waterfowl hunting deliver the kills a waterfowl hunter wants. We offer heavier and faster loads depending on what the hunter wants and is successful using. We want to be sure your hunting experience is what you need-successful and satisfying without breaking the bank. If you haven’t yet, try Fiocchi Steel and get ready to bring home the birds.

Fiocchi Golden Pheasant Line

If you hunt pheasants and other upland birds, you may already know the Fiocchi Golden Pheasant shotshell and how well it performs. If you don’t, give them a try and you’ll be happy at the end of the day when you have reached your limit of game. The performance of our Golden Pheasants relies on a few key components to make your hunt successful. Reliable primers ignite clean, consistent powders (selected for their overall performance in all conditions, especially challenging cold weather) that propel nickel-plated lead shot to the target. That nickel plating makes a big difference when it comes to consistent patterns and deep penetration through thick feathers and stout birds often encountered in late season. Nickel plating on the pellets makes them harder and slicker so they move through the barrel and choke with less deformation, aiding efficient flight through the air. This makes patterns more consistent. It also makes for pellets that cut through feathers and penetrate deeper for cleaner, humane kills and fewer lost or wounded birds. Don’t waste your (or your dog’s time) and effort with cheaper, sub-par upland shotshells. Look for the gold standard in upland shotshells-Fiocchi Golden Pheasant in 12, 20, 16, and 28 gauges.

Fiocchi Golden Turkey Line

Fiocchi Golden Turkey shotshells contain the tools you need to bring home the big gobblers. Reliable primers, consistent powders, and heavyduty wads for heavy loads of nickel-plated shot make the right shell for the job. Nickel plated shot is harder and slicker than other non-plated lead or copper-plated lead pellets. This makes for better patterns and the penetration you need to bring the big ones home to the fryer, smoker, or grill. Turkey hunters are careful about their guns, calls, technique, and camo. Make sure the shotshells you use have as much care in them as you put into the rest of your hunt. Make sure they are Fiocchi.

Fiocchi Exacta Nickel-Plated Buckshot

Fiocchi has been using nickel-plated buckshot pellets longer than other ammunition manufacturers because we know it works. Harder, rounder nickel-plated pellets deliver more consistent patterns and penetration for hunting and home defense. No added expense or mess of buffers needed here. Just simple, reliable 00 and 4 buck shotshells for your heavy-duty shotgun needs. Fiocchi offers these features and performance at a price that may lead you to believe they are five round boxes instead of ten. Now available in plastic ammo bulk packs and Fiocchi’s Canned Heat line of canned ammo for ease of carry and protection from day to day handling and the elements such as dust and moisture! Make sure to add them to your home defense kit or “go bag” today.

Fiocchi uses a wad that is attached to the slug to ensure the slug arrives on target. This design delivers increased accuracy with a full-bore slug for the energy dump you want. We offer three 12 gauge slugs- a one ounce full power load, a one ounce reduced recoil load, and a 7/8 ounce reduced recoil load. They will do the job for hunting, law enforcement, self defense, and shotgun competition such as Three Gun matches.

Fiocchi Exacta Aero Slug

Fiocchi Exacta Aero Slugs utilize a wad that is attached to the base of the slug for in-flight stability and on-target accuracy. Full bore design delivers the energy on target that you want. Fiocchi offers three 12 gauge slugs: a one ounce full power load for all shotguns including autoloaders and two low-recoil options for pumps, single shots, side by sides, and overunders when needed. Fiocchi slugs are appropriate for home defense, law enforcement, hunting, and competitions such as Three Gun. Fiocchi Exacta Aero Slugs also have the high performance and value that you expect from us. Try them and we are confident you will agree.

Special Application Shotgun Ammunition

Fiocchi’s line of special application shotgun ammunition includes a breaching round (Demolition) and less lethal options including rubber buckshot and a rubber baton (slug). The “demolition” round is appropriate for law enforcement applications including door breaching for hinges and lock removal with minimal risk of damage or injury on the other side of the door. Less lethal rubber projectile applications include correctional facilities, nuisance animal control, and other applications when less lethal force is appropriate.

Fiocchi High Velocity Line

For the right combination of high performance and economy, look to Fiocchi Optima Specific High Velocity shotshells. Fiocchi delivers the bang for your buck you expect using a combination of high brass hulls, special high performance powders, reliable primers and quality chilled shot (in your favorite sizes) in one-piece shot cup and cushioned wads. Available in .410 (2 ½ and 3”), 28 gauge (2 ¾”), 20 gauge (2 ¾ and 3”), 16 gauge (2 ¾”), and 12 gauge (2 ¾ and 3”). Look to Fiocchi when you need high brass shells for economical heavy duty lead shot loads.

Classic Side by Side

It should be no surprise that Fiocchi offers something a little different than the other ammunition companies. If you are lucky enough to enjoy classic European shotguns chambered in 24 and 32 gauges, load them with Fiocchi’s Classic shotshell loads and get them to the range or field.

Fiocchi Dove and Quail (Game and Target) Loads

At Fiocchi, we are proud to deliver a higher quality “promotional”/general purpose shotshell. We still use high quality chilled shot in one-piece shot cup and cushioned wads with consistent, economical powders ignited by our reliable shotshell primer to provide shooters looking for the utmost in economy in an all-purpose shell. Available in .410 bore, 28, 20, 16 and 12 gauges, you can be confident that Fiocchi Game and Target general purpose loads will perform when you need them to. You will find no fillers, poor-quality shot, multi-piece wads, or second-class primers in Fiocchi Game and Target loads.