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Pistol and Revolver Line

We provide one of the most extensive and articulated lines on the market today. No compromise on quality.

Shooting Dynamics Line

Learning skills and staying proficient with a handgun means getting the right training and practice, practice, practice. When taking classes or participating in training, you need to be able to rely on your equipment to maximize your dollars. You research to find the right handgun for your application and shooting style. Holsters, belts, and magazine pouches or speed loaders compliment your list of training equipment. Even when you are just casually plinking with family and friends, you don’t want junk ammo to spoil the activity.

Let Fiocchi provide the ammo to complete the equipment needs of the conscientious hand gunner. All Fiocchi handgun loads use boxer primed brass cases (no steel or aluminum) with reliable non-corrosive primers and clean consistent powders. Shooting Dynamics bullets include full metal jacketed, soft and hollow points, and new for 2015 high-quality copper plated bullets in our CMJ line that shoot great in all handguns (including those with polygonal- rifled barrels). We load our Shooting Dynamics loads to duplicate the felt recoil and point of aim/impact of our best defense loads to maximize your training time and effort.

If you are shooting suppressed pistols in calibers such as 9 Luger/9×19 or 45 ACP, check out our 9mm 147 grain 9APD or 158 grain 9APE or 45ACP 45A 230 grain subsonic loads to maximize suppressor performance.

Fiocchi Extrema XTP Pistol and Revolver Ammo

For Fiocchi’s best hand gun ammo for hunting and self defense, look to our Extrema XTP line. Using engineered XTP hollow point bullets and nickel-plated cases in all loads (except 25ACP and 32ACP), our engineers combined these components with the optimum powder for caliber and reliable primers to deliver our best to you when it counts the most.

Whether hunting deer with your 357 Magnum revolver or carrying a 9mm pistol for self defense, you can bet on Fiocchi Extrema to deliver when you need it to.

Nickel-plating resist the elements to protect the brass cases when carried in every day or hunting environments and offer an increase in surface lubricity for positive function in semi-auto pistols and revolver cylinders. Our best hand gun ammunition when you need the best: Fiocchi Extrema XTP.

Fiocchi EMB 9×19/9 Luger

Our EMB (Expansion Mono Block) 9mm round offers a unique application in performance. Useful when over-penetration is of great concern, our copper-alloy bullet in the 9EMB load delivers less penetration than standard jacketed lead core loads. Te EMB features a lead free bullet and primer that is as reliable as standard primers. Te EMB bullet is an engineered design that expands quickly, aided by the increased muzzle of 1325 fps (non +P). It delivers lots of energy on impact and due to the expansion characteristics of the bullet, it is more likely to not over-penetrate. When tested in bare calibrated ballistic gelatin, the 9mm EMB bullets will penetrate approximately 8 inches deep. Ballistic gel covered with cloth to simulate clothing and shot with the 9mm EMB shows penetration of approximately 6 inches. If these bullets to happen to completely penetrate the intended target, they are less likely to continue through structural walls or other barriers.

Fiocchi Frangible Lead Free Training Ammunition

Fiocchi combines lead free frangible bullets with reliable lead free primers to deliver ammunition that can be used indoors where airborne lead may be restricted and lead free projectiles are required for the backstop. Tis ammo also reduces the chances of ricochet when used for training exercises such as close quarters shooting on steel targets. Check with the manufacturer of your steel targets to determine the minimum safe distance for shooting.

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