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Fiocchi Extrema XTP Handgun LineFor the very best Fiocchi has to offer in handgun ammunition for hunting and self defense, load your gun with our Extrema XTP line of ammunition. The XTP bullet was chosen for its performance and the engineering that went in to making it one of the most popular bullets on the market. Hand loaders choose the XTP because it works. So did we. When we combine XTP jacketed hollow point bullets with nickel plated cases (for increased reliability in adverse conditions and positive feed and function in semiautomatic pistols), reliable primers, and clean consistent powders, you get the best value and performance handgun ammunition in the market.

Extrema XTPs are available in calibers for most any revolver and pistol from .25ACP to .45ACP and even great for lever-action carbines and rifles chambered in such calibers as .357 and .44 Magnum. For the ammunition that you carry when it matters the most, choose Fiocchi Extrema XTPs. When you see Fiocchi Extrema XTPs in economical 25 round boxes, you’ll be very pleased when you find the difference in price compared to other self defense/hunting ammunition. After you shoot them, you’ll know you made the right purchase.

Pistol Revolver Product Line

Fiocchi Pistol and Revolver Ammunition Fiocchi Pistol and Revolver Ammunition Fiocchi Pistol and Revolver Ammunition Fiocchi Pistol and Revolver Ammunition Fiocchi Pistol and Revolver Ammunition Fiocchi Pistol and Revolver Ammunition Fiocchi Pistol and Revolver Ammunition Fiocchi Pistol and Revolver Ammunition Fiocchi Pistol and Revolver Ammunition

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Fiocchi EMB Pistol Line

The proprietary technology that is the EMB (expanding mono block) bullet provides a unique solution to a common problem-concern for over penetration. The EMB is made from a homogenous lead free material (combined with a reliable lead free primer that requires no special (combined with a reliable lead free primer that requires no special handling or storage) so there is no core and jacket to separate. Typically, these bullets penetrate less than common jacketed lead bullets (when tested in ballistic gelatin) and reduce the risk of over penetration when used for self defense in the home, apartment, on the street, or other densely populated areas while still delivering the expansion you want, to dump the energy in your target. Let us be clear-shot placement is still the most important aspect of self defense shooting and we do not guarantee these bullets will not over penetrate.

Testing in bare calibrated ballistic gelatin has shown these 9mm bullets will penetrate around 8 inches of depth while bullets fired into calibrated ballistic gelatin covered with cloth to simulate layers of clothing will penetrate around 6 inches. If the bullets should happen to completely penetrate the target, they are less likely to continue penetration through structural walls or other barriers. They will function reliably in all semi-auto pistols but be sure to test in your gun as you would any defensive ammo. Accuracy is consistent with standard ammunition and you should not see much measurable difference in point of aim/impact at defensive distances. The EMB round operates at standard SAAMI pressure and is not considered Plus P (high pressure). Fiocchi Frangible Lead Free Training Ammunition Utilizing lead free frangible bullets and lead free primers, Fiocchi can provide a valuable training aid for indoor and outdoor ranges that do not want heavy metals on their backstops or firing lines. Frangible bullets provide an increased margin of safety when training at close range (as defined by your target maker) due to reduced ricochet. On impact with hard targets, the bullets break into many small pieces that carry little energy to splash back at the shooter, or fellow shooters in on the training. These are great for indoor and outdoor live fire shoot houses, common with law enforcement training, or indoor range training being sought by conscientious civilians intent on increasing their chances of survival during armed encounters. Bullet weight and velocity are calibrated to give recoil impulse and point of aim/impact performance similar to common defensive loads. Try some in your handgun (or .223 rifle-see rifle ammo section) and prepare to train safely to survive. No bullet jacket ensures high frangibility while still providing the reliable feed and function you need to train at the highest levels of proficiency.

Fiocchi Pistol and Revolver Shooting

Dynamics Line

Today’s shooting dollar needs to stretch as far as possible. But to train and remain proficient with a handgun (or any gun or tool for that matter), you must practice. We, as shooters too, realize the importance of both value and training. That’s why we make the Shooting Dynamics Line of handgun ammo. Combining quality brass cases (no steel) with consistent primers and clean powders and full metal jacket, jacketed hollow point and soft point bullets in many calibers, Fiocchi provides the balance of quality and value you need to enjoy a day at the range with the family or get in some quality training time with the guys (or girls). We load bullets of the same weight to velocities that are comparable with high-quality defensive loads so you get realistic training-recoil impulse and point of aim/impact just like our XTP line of defensive ammo. So you can practice with the less expensive ammo, shoot some XTPs to confirm function and then clean and lube the gun after the practice session, load the XTPs for defense, and know that your training will help prepare you for the real thing. If you run a suppressed 9mm pistol or subgun, check out our 158 FMJ load. You can hear the difference. Unlike some other ammo companies, we don’t make different “brands” of ammo under different names. All of our ammo carries the Fiocchi name big and bold like it should. We load it with as high a quality at as low a price as we can for you (and us) to shoot.

Self Defense

We hope you never need our ammo for self defense or home protection. Nobody wants to have to use ammo for that purpose. But the time may come when you don’t have much choice. If that time should come, we hope you choose Fiocchi. We offer a wide selection of handgun, rifle, and shotgun ammunition to fill the needs of the armed, conscientious citizen and the diverse applications of urban, suburban, and country living. Rifle ammunition in popular calibers, a wide selection of handgun ammo including EMB and hollow or soft point, and shotshells for low recoil or full power applications-Fiocchi has what you need. Learn, practice, repeat.