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Rimfire Line

Fiocchi craftsmanship combines modern technology and old world experience to bring you an amazing line of rimfire ammunition for both the olympian and the sportsman.

Fiocchi Super Match Rimfire ammunition has provided Olympic Champions with the confidence and accuracy they need to win medals. It can also give you the performance you need to win bragging rights at your local club. Fiocchi Super Match ammunition is made by skilled craftsmen in Italy well versed in the techniques and supplied with the components needed to achieve the accuracy and consistency rimfire shooters are known to demand.

Made to exacting tolerances using a proprietary bullet lubricating process to achieve Super Match consistency shot after shot after shot. Brass cases are selected by orthogonality and the priming mixture is inserted in the rim utilizing a pressing procedure instead of the classic spinning operation; this guarantees exact weight and distribution of the priming mixture ensuring total reliability against misfires.

New for 2015, our legendary Biathlon Super Match has been improved for even better year round performance and more demanding cold weather conditions.

Look for our new Exacta Winter Super Match rimfire loads (item #22SM340) with a muzzle velocity of 325 meters per second (1070 fps) in rife-length barrels, for your long range and silhouette rimfire shooting.

Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Rimfire loads in 22 Long Rife and 22 WMR offer the economy and performance you want for high volume plinking and rimfire hunting requirements with your favorite .22 handgun or rifle. Consistent ignition and accuracy often seen in more expensive rimfire loads, Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics rimfire ammunition lets you spend the afternoon making memories instead of clearing jams and duds commonly reported with some lesser brands.

Fiocchi rimfire is clean and consistent enough for reliable function of today’s popular 22LR firearms and caliber conversions. Look for Fiocchi 22LR ammunition in our innovative canned and field box packaging for easier, confident transportation and storage. For suppressed rimfre shooters, maximize suppressor function with our 22HPSUB subsonic 22LR ammo. Fiocchi continues to offer the 9 Flobert shotshell cartridges as we have for years and years. Cases are all brass and very high quality, loaded with #6, #7.5, #8, and #9 shot to be enjoyed by those lucky few who own and shoot their cherished 9mm Flobert guns.

Fiocchi 22 WMR ammunition ofers three jacketed variations for different applications including FMJs for target or hunting with less pelt damage and jacketed hollow points and jacketed soft points for other hunting applications including small game and varmints. Blanks, Poppers, Dummy/Inert-Fiocchi continues to ofer a wide selection of blanks and popper loads for various applications including dog training and competition, police/self-defense training and ceremonies, Cowboy mounted shooting, and theatrical performances.

All of our blanks use smokeless powder for safety. Our 12INERT (previous item #12DUMMY) shotshell is a non-firing 12 gauge 2 ¾” 1 1/8 ounce shell that has the heft and feel of a real 12 gauge shell without the primer and powder. Tese are great for gunsmiths, gun training for new shotgun shooters, and for competitive shotgun shooters like Tree Gunners who want to practice loading and manipulating their shotguns without using live ammo.

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