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Fiocchi 22LR Rimfire Super Match Ammunition

Looking for the best in Super Match Grade Rimfire ammunition? You have found it in Fiocchi. Made by skilled craftsman using a combination of modern technology and old-world experience and skill, Fiocchi’s Super Match Rimfire Ammunition is made to exacting tolerances with components that are made and chosen for their consistency and accuracy. Proprietary methods are used to make sure bullets are lubricated and loaded to deliver the utmost in precision shooting rimfire ammunition.

Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Rimfire Ammunition

For hunting and high-volume shooting and plinking with your favorite rimfire handgun and rifle, Fiocchi offers several different loads for your .22 long rifle shooter. Known for consistent quality at an economical price, Fiocchi .22s allow you to shoot for lots of fun or hunting without having to deal with the problems of cheaper rimfire ammo such as duds, fail to function, excessive powder fouling, etc. Many shooters tell us our hunting ammo shoots so well they are able to get match accuracy from their hunting rifles. Fiocchi Magnum Rimfire ammunition is available with three bullet types-full metal jacket, jacketed soft point, and jacketed hollow point. You can now find Fiocchi rimfire ammunition in our innovative canned and Plano bulk packaging

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Rimfire Product Line:

.22 Long Rifle Conversions

.22 long rifle conversions for your favorite centerfire firearm are more popular than ever. You can find conversion kits for popular autoloading handguns and rifles such as AR15s. .22LR conversions are great for reduced recoil, noise, and cost for new shooters to get familiar with new guns. Experienced shooters can shoot more and extend practice sessions with their competition or self defense firearms. The high quality of Fiocchi rimfire ammunition makes it a great choice for use in conversions and dedicated .22LR firearms.

Fiocchi Specialty Rimfire Flobert 9mm Shotshells

If you are lucky enough to own one of the rare Flobert rimfire guns, Fiocchi supplies the shotshells you need to continue enjoying it. Light recoil and easy to carry Flobert-chambered guns can be utilized for informal shooting and small pest/varmint hunting. We make loads with #6, 7, 8, and 9 shot using full-length brass cases.