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Self Defense

Self Defense Shotshells

Fiocchi offers the shotshells you need for practically any safe defense application.

Shotguns are held in high regard for their performance as a self-defense weapon and for good reason.

Whether you prefer buckshot or slugs, shotguns provide lots of power in a relatively easy to use platform. Pump shotguns are common in this role and have been a mainstay in law enforcement cruisers for years as the go-to weapon for police officers when the going got tough.

Today’s auto-loading shotguns offer reliability and speed not seen before in the shotgun world. If you prefer a shotgun for self-defense, Fiocchi has the shells to maximize its performance.

For auto-loading shotguns, reliability is first and foremost. Te gun must feed, fire, and function with the preferred load. Here, full power buckshot and slugs ensure the gun will work when you need it most. Try Fiocchi #00 (12HV00BK) or #4 (12HV4BK) nickel-plated buckshot for optimum patterns penetration without messy, expensive buffer materials. High-velocity full bore slugs (12SLUG) deliver energy few other hand-held weapons can match.

For pump, single shot, side by side, and over/ under shotguns employed for self-defense, low recoil shells offer formidable power with reduced recoil for the shooter.

Our 12LE00BK offers 9 pellets of #00 nickel- plated buckshot. Fiocchi offers a choice of reduced recoil full bore slugs, a 1 ounce at 1150 fps (12LRSLUG) or a 7/8 ounce slug at 1300 fps. Our 7/8 ounce slug is often preferred by Tree Gun Competition shooters for its accuracy and fast trajectory.

Fiocchi Buckshot and Slugs are offered in convenient field boxes that ease transport and protect ammunition under adverse conditions and extended storage. We also provide buckshot loads in easy to store 10 round cans for even more protection from the elements.

Defense Pistol and Revolver

We hope you never need our ammo for self-defense or home protection. Nobody wants to have to use ammo for that purpose. But the time may come when you don’t have much choice. If that time should come, we hope you choose Fiocchi.

A handgun is often the first line of self-defense due mainly to its convenient size and relative ease of portability. Choosing the right ammo maximizes the handgun’s capability to neutralize a threat. Fiocchi offers several choices for those conscientious, law-abiding citizens who choose to get training and carry handguns responsibly for their own self-defense. Fiocchi offers economical practice ammo in our Shooting Dynamics line for all popular calibers. We also offer jacketed hollow points and soft points in our Shooting Dynamics line for those shooters looking for quality defense ammo on a budget or in higher volumes. Our best self-defense ammo is found in our Extrema XTP line featuring engineered XTP jacketed hollow point bullets and nickel-plated brass cases for increased performance and function when you need it most. From 25ACP to 45ACP, Fiocchi has your handgun needs covered. Many pistol- caliber carbines that feed from the same magazines you may use for your pistol and lever action rifles or carbines in magnum handgun calibers on the market today increase the capability of these cartridges.

Firearms have many uses including relaxation, serious competition, casual plinking, and self-defense. Fiocchi makes a wide selection of ammunition for all these uses and more; let’s take a minute to talk about self-defense. The proper combination of ammunition, equipment, training, and practice are necessary for proficient, responsible self-defense.

Fiocchi offers the ammunition you need for practically any self-defense application: for training and practice, our Shooting Dynamics line of pistol and revolver ammunition combines value with quality in such a way as to maximize your training efforts and expense; our Extrema XTP handgun ammunition is our top of the line handgun ammunition for self-defense and for those of you who prefer a shotgun, look to our line of Exacta buckshot and slugs for more firepower.

Fiocchi buckshot uses nickel-plated pellets in 00 and 4 buck for consistent patterns and penetration. We offer a low recoil 00 load for pumps, single shots, side by sides, over-unders, etc. but not recommended for autoloaders. Fiocchi also offers standard high velocity 00 and 4 buck loads for all shotguns, we have engineered all our buckshot shells so that no buffer is needed to deliver the patterns defensive shotgunners need (without the mess and expense of the buffer material). Nickel plating on the pellets helps to improve the surface lubricity of the pellet and its hardness, these benefits reduce deformation as the pellets move through the barrel and choke and improve the aerodynamic properties of the pellet. We also use full shot cup wads with a cushion section to ease acceleration and protect the pellets when fired. This features result in better patterns and more energy on target.

Fiocchi offers three slugs for 12 gauge shotguns, one full-power one ounce full bore slug for optimum power. We also offer two lower recoil options (one ounce and 7/8 ounce); both full bore for optimum stopping power. The full power round is best for auto-loading shotguns and the low recoil options work great in pumps, single shots, side by sides, and over-unders. Please visit the dedicated sections of this catalog for more information on each of the products mentioned here.

Self Defense Ammunition by Fiocchi
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