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We feature an extensive range of products for theatrical performances, movie production, law enforcement training and dog training.

Blanks, Poppers, Dummy/Inert-Fiocchi continues to ofer a wide selection of blanks and popper loads for various applications including dog training and competition, police/ self defense training and ceremonies, Cowboy mounted shooting, and theatrical performances. All of our blanks use smokeless powder for safety. Our 12INERT (previous item #12DUMMY) shotshell is a non-fring 12 gauge 2 ¾” 1 1/8 ounce shell that has the hef and feel of a real 12 gauge shell without the primer and powder. Tese are great for gunsmiths, gun training for new shotgun shooters, and for competitive shotgun shooters like Tree Gunners who want to practice loading and manipulating their shotguns without using live ammo.

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