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Target Load Lines

We offer the widest selection in our industry of target loads in all popular gauges for different applications to include heavy loads, light target loads, spreaders for close-in fast shots, and International- spec target loads. If you are shooting targets, chances are Fiocchi makes the right shell for any presentation and shooting style.

Fiocchi Exacta Target Load Shotshells

Fiocchi has a long tradition of making the best target loads for you and your shotgun. Whether you are an Olympic competitor, registered shooter, or just trying to get the bragging rights at your local range, Fiocchi Exacta Target loads deliver the performance you need when you call “Pull”. We use the highest quality, cleanest powders to propel the right one-piece cushioned wads with full shot cups containing target- quality shot to make it to the target with the best pattern possible. For almost 140 years, Fiocchi has combined tradition with quality and innovation to provide the discerning target shooters with the best shells to improve their score. Today our meticulous ballisticians test and retest every batch of target loads we make to be sure they are performing as advertised (or better) to deliver the velocity you want and the consistent leads you need to break as many as possible. Fiocchi Exacta Target Loads are engineered with the right combination of powders and wads to reduce recoil while maintaining velocity and clean burning characteristics. You put a lot of time and effort into making the most of your target shooting and maximizing your score. Fiocchi does the same to ensure our target loads live up to or exceed your expectations of them. Famous for our low recoil loads that reduce shooter fatigue and increase scores over a long event, Fiocchi Exacta shotshells are also known for their clean-shooting characteristics that help ensure reliable shotgun function beyond what you may expect. We offer the widest selection in our industry of target loads in all popular gauges for different applications to include heavy, fast loads (up to 1 1/8 oz at 1400 fps), light target loads (down to 7/8 oz at 1200 fps), spreaders for close-in fast shots, and International- spec target loads. If you are shooting targets, chances are Fiocchi makes the right shell for any presentation and shooting style.

New! Target load shooters will really be excited about the addition of paper loads to Fiocchi’s 2015 Exacta Target Loads lineup. Te best of our target loads will now be available in the classic paper hulls for the sophisticated shooter. Tree of our most popular loads in #7.5 and #8 shot will be available.

Fiocchi’s Little Rhino Paper Target Load (1 ounce of target shot at 1250 fps, item #12FPTX), Crusher Paper Target Load (1 ounce of target shot at 1300 fps, item #12FCRS), and our well known White Rhino Target Load (1 1/8 ounce of target shot at 1250 fps, item #12FPWR) will all be available for the 2015 target season.


We are also proud to announce the ultimate new long range target load Te RAPAX! It will be available in both 7/8 oz. (24 grams) and 1 oz. in #7.5 high antimony shot at 1350 fps featuring a futuristic wad designed to enhance long range pattern performances (+ 20%) .

Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Target Shotshells

Target shooters shoot lots of targets and lots of shells. Tose shooters aiming for the best value in quality target loads for informal practice and competition, look to Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics for the best combination of economy and performance. Quality first-run chilled shot goes into one-piece shot cup , cushioned wads propelled by clean burning powders and reliable Fiocchi primers to deliver our best bang for your shooting dollar. With Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics shotshells, shooting a lot does not have to mean spending a lot. We utilize the same care, research, and in-process testing as with our Exacta Target loads to ensure performance is as advertised so you can be sure your leads won’t change just because you open a new box or case of Fiocchi’s. As more and more shooters try Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics for the frst time, more and more shooters ask for them again at their favorite local range, gun shop, or sporting goods supplier. We are confident that if you try them, you too will become a loyal fan. Easy on your gun, shoulder, and wallet that is Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Shotshells.

Fiocchi’s Selection of Target Loads

Fiocchi offers a very wide selection of target loads. Here is some information on each of our loads to help our shooters find just the right shell for your targets of choice.

Low-Recoil/Training Target Loads

Fiocchi was one of the first to offer performance- specific low recoil target loads for shotgun shooters. Our renowned 12 gauge 7/8 ounce “Training” load at 1200 feet per second has been a long time favorite of shooting instructors to bring new shooters into shotgunning with a minimum of recoil and shooter fatigue. Tis load also moves at a velocity that is very popular among target shooters so competitors looking to increase payload don’t need to adjust their leads on moving targets. We have received reports from shooters who switched to this load from heavier loads to decrease recoil. Many expressed concern that giving up payload from 1 ounce or 1 1/8 ounce might disrupt their scores but reported breaking just as many targets or more as with the heavier loads. Tis shell delivers a pattern efficiency not seen with many other heavier loads. Our 20 gauge Lite load offers ¾ ounce of shot at 1075 feet per second with very consistent performance for sub-gauge shooters. These loads may not function semi autos but our “semi-auto friendly” Shooting Dynamics load of 7/8 ounce of shot at 1350 fps most likely will. Try these low recoil loads in your shotgun and get back to shooting or just shoot more.

24 Gram International Target Loads

With 24 grams of hard, target shot at 1350 feet per second, these are true International (or “Bunker”) loads for demanding shooters engaged in challenging shooting sports such as Olympic Trap, Double Trap, and Skeet. Look for Fiocchi 12IN24s in #7.5, 8, and 9 shot sizes.

1 Ounce Loads

Fiocchi was a leader when 1 ounce shells frst started gaining popularity many years ago. As more and more shooters move away from the old standard 1 1/8 ounce and discover the benefts of 1 ounce loads, Fiocchi leads the industry with a wide selection of 1 ounce shells designed to minimize recoil and maximize target crushing impacts. You’ll really notice the diference over long events with less shooter fatigue and better scores. Our famous Crusher load does just that-1 ounce at 1300 feet per second (12CRSR) is a well known target load to sporting clays shooters who demand the best balance of long range performance and low recoil. Due to shooter demand, we began ofering also our Super Crusher, a 1 ounce shell at 1400 feet per second (12SCRS). Fiocchi also ofers 12 gauge 1 ounce loads at 1150 (12TL), 1170 (12SD1L), 1200 (12SD1H), and 1250 (12TX-“Little Rino”) feet per second oferings. And let’s not forget our 1 ounce Spreader (12CPTR-useful in semi-autos who can’t change chokes between shots on station like over/under or side by side shooters can).

1 1/8 Ounce Loads

Fiocchi ofers a wide selection of “ ballistic recipes “ aimed at the target shooters who prefer the 1 1/8 ounce load of shot in their shells. Our engineers and ballisticians have found the right combination of components to minimize recoil while maximizing performance of these shells. Shooting Dynamics shells are available in 1165 (12SD18L) and 1200 (12SD18H) feet per second loadings. Exacta 1 1/8 ounce loads include our long-popular White Rino at 1250 feet per second (12WRNO-well known for long range target crushing performance without the recoil usually associated with 1 1/8 ounce shells) and new from last year our faster Super White Rino (12SWRN) at 1400 feet per second. Handicap shooters have long-favored our White Rino for long distance trap and Sporting Clays shooters like it for those far away targets as well. Tree Gun Shooters using autoloading shotguns will likely prefer any of our 1 1/8 ounce loads at or above 1200 feet per second to ensure positive shotgun function during the demanding courses of fre they ofen see on the Tree Gun circuit including small and large reactive steel targets.

Spreader Loads

Fiocchi bespoke Spreader loads are designed for close range shots on clay birds. Semi-auto shotgun shooters don’t have the option of changing chokes in their barrels during a two shot station of sporting clays like over/under or side by side shooters ofen can. Fiocchi Spreaders can change that capability. For instance, at a station the shooter fnds both a close target such as a rabbit and a long shot such as a passer. If the rabbit is the frst shot, load the spreader into your gun frst and a standard shell as the second. Fiocchi Spreaders take care of your concern about choke selection at this challenging stage. We ofer three diferent Spreader 12 gauge loads. For a one ounce load, use our 12CPTR at 1300 feet per second. If you prefer 1 1/8 ounce Spreaders for maximum pellet count, use our 12SSCH Power Spreader at 1200 feet per second or our faster 12SSCX Rino Spreader at 1250. Fiocchi Spreaders utilize a combination of sofer shot that deforms and spreads faster than magnum/target shot and purpose-built wads that encourage pattern spread at shorter distances. Keep a box or two of Fiocchi Spreaders in your shooting kit with your usual target loads just in case you encounter a challenging close target or two at any station.

Exacta Nickel Plated Helice Load

Just the right shell for live bird shoots and diffcult mechanical targets such as Helice (ZZ Birds and Electrocibles), Fiocchi’s Helice load (12HEL) brings 1 ¼ ounce of nickel plated #7.5 shot at 1350 feet per second to your kit to help bring down these tough, challenging targets with authority. Tis load is also great for many upland bird applications.

Exacta Steel Target Load

When non-toxic target loads are required, look to Fiocchi to supply the loads you need. We offer two loads in 12 gauge (12S1187-1 1/8 ounce of #7s at 1375 feet per second and 12S1OZ a low recoil 1 ounce load of #7s at 1200) and a 20 gauge (20SLR7) with 7/8 ounce of #7 steel at 1225 feet per second. Velocities (and leads) are similar to many standard lead target loads to help shooters transition from lead to steel target presentations. Fiocchi uses treated steel pellets and heavy duty wads to optimize patterns and performance on targets. Tese shells are also great for small game hunting when lead-free shells are required or preferred.

Sub Gauge Loads

Fiocchi ofers a wide selection of sub gauge target loads for those shooters seeking reduced recoil and gun weight and the added challenge of shooting smaller, lighter shotshells at targets. Useful in dedicated guns or tube sets in your favorite 12 gauge, Fiocchi ofers a wide selection of quality target loads in .410 bore, 28, 20, and 16 gauge.

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