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2013 Shot Show Highlights from Guns America

This year’s SHOT Show was overshadowed by an unprecedented attack on our 2nd Amendment rights by shameless politicians trying to pay back political favors from the 2012 election. Unfortunately a lot of the American public are actually buying the lies and the false hopes offered by the carpetbagging charlatans. Prosperity is what America needs to reduce the violence in our inner cities, and SHOT Show 2013 was a stunning banner of American ingenuity, creativity, and the seeds of prosperity. Firearms have always meant freedom, and we will lose our freedom in America if we don’t stand up for our firearms now. Thanks to Julie Mac, Mark Bealo and Eric Beels for great work on this year’s videos. Hopefully next year Julie will remember for once that shotguns are actually a part of the firearms world, but for now let’s all just keep it a secret. We’ll see you for next year’s SHOT Show, back in Las Vegas, for 2014.

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